Biolite - Kettle charge



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The BioLite KettleCharge was built for everyone to easily use. It’s uses go beyond the campsite, giving many people who don’t have reliable power or lights the ability to create power. To use the KettleCharge just fill the stainless steel container with water, find a heat source (camp stoves, BioLite Stove) and let it work it’s magic. The smart LED dashboard will tell you how much power is being created by the water. 1 green light is a small amount of power while 4 green lights is your 10 watts. To charge, just lift the USB flap on the front and plug in any USB compatible device. They do give you a USB extender to barr any of your ordinary wires from being burned.


  • Generates 10W of Power
  • One 5VDC 2A USB Charging Port
  • Aluminum Pot with Stainless Steel Base