Stone Mountain Multifunction Lifelaces

Survival Life Store

$4.49 $7.49

These are probably some of the coolest, most innovative survival tools around. Hidden away inside of the end caps of these super-durable shoelaces is a concealed fire starter no snooping TSA agent is ever going to discover (they are 100% legal). These laces serve as both a great fire starter, and since they're made of 550 lb. paracord, they also have well over 100 other different survival uses too. Whether your matches are wet, or you forgot a lighter, with these laces in your shoes you'll still be able to kick start a fire in no time.


  • 1 - Set of 550 lb. Fire Laces paracord shoe laces with built in flint rods
  • 2 - Steel striking bars/shoelace anchors