Frequently asked questions

Do you ship to other countries?
No currently we only ship in the United States.

Do I need to have a tax id?
No you do not need a tax id to buy from us.

Do you Dropship?
Yes we can dropship. Since we currently do not have a minimum order we can dropship for you. When you place the order just enter the address you want to have the items shipped to.

What do you charge for shipping?
Unlike other companies, we do not raise our products cost by adding in shipping, this gives you the lowest price on all of our items.  We also ship Fed Ex so you get your items faster.

How can I find out how much shipping will cost to ship to my location?
All you have to do is enter the items into your cart, then go to checkout, add your address you want them shipped to and it will automatically calculate the shipping cost, before you have to enter any payment information.

P.O. Box Address?
If you enter a P.O.Box for an address we will change shipping carriers to DHL. Fedex doe not ship to a P.O. Box. 

Do you give large quantity buy discounts?
Depending on the items and the quantity amount, yes we do. Please send us an email at or call us at (512) 539-0028 to discuss.

What is the turnaround time if I place an order?
Most orders are shipped the following business day your order is placed. The except to the rule would be bath bombs. These orders can take a couple days longer do to the fact they're made right in the warehouse. We ship using Fedex, so you should have your items within a few days after your order ships. Unless you choose a different shipping method during checkout.

Do I have to pay a membership fee to purchase products from your website?
No, we do not have any membership fees. All you have to do is create an account, and then you are good to go.

Do you have a minimum order?
At this time we do not. But remember you have to pay the shipping,  so if you order 1 item or 20 items, try to make it worth  your while to help cover the shipping cost.

What is a Closeout?
A closeout is a sale of goods at reduced prices to get rid of superfluous stock. We run offers and promotions, with higher discounts and lower prices, for items that have not sold out of inventory in 3 months or more.

How often do you get new items in stock?
We get new items every week and try to get them on the website as soon as we can. The best thing you can do is sign up for our newsletter and check the site each week for new items.

What is Private Labeling/White Labeling?
White label branding (sometimes called “white labeling”) is where (Wholesale Distributor for Example) produces an item and rebrands it, to make it appear to have your/Labeling/Packaging/Logo's etc.

Private Labeling, is where a product is created (for instance, by Wholesale Distributor) specifically and exclusivley for your brand, not to be resold, to others, unless it contains "Your Brandname."

One example, is if you wanted to Private Label or White Label this Ax. We would place your logo, on the handle, blade or packaging. This ax could then be sold, as "Moe's Durable 14.5" Wooden Handled Ax."  Private Label, would mean that we would then exclusively sell, "Moe's Ax" not Wooden Handle Ax, adding to your Brands Product line, and exposing it to new customers.

Where do you ship from?
We ship from Las Vegas, NV.