Lightweight Shemagh Tactical Desert Keffiyeh Scarf


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Wear as a face mask, balaclava, or headwrap, Wholesale Distributor by Rothco Lightweight Desert Shemagh Scarves are adaptable to any environment. Ideally worn while traveling through a desert, snowstorm, and any other extreme weather condition you may encounter, these tactical scarves are a must-have for anyone! Made from a breathable lightweight cotton construction, the keffiyeh provides a perfect combination of comfort and resiliency while protecting your head and neck from the sun, dirt, sand, and other debris. Measuring approximately 42” X 42”, the tactical scarf can be wrapped around your head and neck to make a face mask, half-mask, skullcap, and much more. The versatile lightweight keffiyeh is a must-have for your Bug Out Bag as it can be used as a survival tool as well as a protective face cover; use the shemagh to make a makeshift tourniquet, sling, pouch, and more. Available in over a dozen colors, the tactical desert scarfs are used by military personnel worldwide and make for a great fashion accessory as well.