Sabre 3-In-1 Pepper Spray With Plastic Case


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SABRE Advanced 3-in-1 Formulation combines Red Pepper, CS Military Tear Gas and UV Marking Dye to provide maximum protection. The distance ranges from 8-10 ft. Ballistic stream spray pattern, decreases wind blow-back. / Key Chain: approx. 25 shots, quick release key ring and belt clip. Wt: . 54 oz. / Jogger: approx. 35 shots, adjustable hand strap. Wt: . 75 oz. / Cyclist: approx. 60 shots, tear away canister for easy access. Wt: 1. 25 oz. / Home: approx. 25 shots, heavy cone spray to cover doorway and provide for greater respiratory affect, wall mount included. Wt: 2. 5 oz. . Expiration Date: 4 years from date of manufacture.?