Want your Logo on a Knife we Carry?

Want your Logo on a Knife we Carry?

Getting Started

So you have your logo ready, what's next?  We need to see it to make sure it is to Spec.  We accept multiple types of files, 300 DPI PNG PDF AI PSD JPG EPS

But is that all? 

Some of our knives can be engraved, some of them can be directly printed on for a full color logo.  It really just depends. If you are looking at a product that is not a knife, like a water bottle, or a Cooler, it goes on a product by product basis.

Here is an example of a Logo in Black and White:

Black and white logos (and Vectors) are what we use for engraving or embossing on items.  These items can be plastics, wood, or metals.


It's really important to take a good measurement of what size you would like your logo to be.

Here is a color Logo:


We have specific products that can be color printed on.  Each item will have it's own specifications, to whether it can be engraved or printed. 

What is your minimum order?

The best deals are going to be Min. Orders of 500.  Usually you should allow about 30 or more days for any items, that have this qty. Each quote will be specific to that item.

We have very low min. Orders for samples.  We can produce 1-2 items, and ship them to you to see.  Beyond that, min. order is 25.

What are the steps in the process?

First step is contacting us via Chat or email support@wholesaledistributor.com 

1. Have your logo ready

2. Have which product(s) you have in mind or would like pricing on.

From there, we have enough information to quote you for the product costs, and get you started on White Label/ Branded Items.

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